Let us
take care
of you

Let us
take care
of you

Who are Sunrise Home Care?

Sunrise Home Care are a locally owned and operated, boutique Home Care company based in Forster/Tuncurry.

Not being a part of a chain enables us to improve your quality of life and we do so by planning and achieving individual tailor-made goals.

Being a smaller company allows us the ability to offer more personalised care, customising our services to cater for all of your individual requirements.
Sunrise Home Care recognise the need for a professional care team to deliver outstanding services, therefore we employ our own certified, experienced, and diverse nursing team and do not rely on contractors.

Our dedicated care team will work with you, to provide the support you require with your day-to-day activities. We are committed to improving your quality of life, your health and wellbeing, and to achieve this we are here to listen and understand what is important to you.

The Sunrise Home Care team’s help comes in many forms, mostly routine but every elderly person has at least one special need. I am 96 years old and live independently in my own villa, the nurses help me with my exercises to keep me moving and pop in every morning for a cup of tea and a chat.  At times they have taken me to specialist medical appointments, especially when my family were locked away from me during the pandemic. Anxious Sons and Daughters can rest assured that their Mum and Dad are getting the special attention they need with Sunrise.

~ Chris

Me and my Husband both receive services from Sunrise Home Care and until recently, having had a fall, I had not realised just how much support and care they offer. 

I had the fall at a community event held by Sunrise Village (which we are always invited to join) and within minutes of having the fall, I was surrounded by about 10 of our wonderful nurses and Admin staff and ended up in hospital with a fractured knee cap. Feeling worried about leaving my not so well husband and our little Companion dog Buddy alone. No worries there, they were looked after very well by our staff.

After a week and fitted with a leg brace and forearm walker I was allowed back home to for rehab with our Allied Health Physio, I may not have been allowed back home soon had I not had the support of Sunrise Home Care.

The sunrise care team had made all necessary arrangements for my return from hospital and the required equipment was set up for my safety,  enabling me to get home to be with Don and Buddy. As well as taking good care of them, the staff also did the cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping, and dog walking as well as looking to my own personal care and social interaction during my recovery.

Disaster struck again recently when Don had a really nasty fall. Off he went to hospital and on his arrival home, carers were rostered to take care of his additional needs too.

We have become very close to our care staff who are simply the best.

~ Caroline & Don

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